Portugal Regions for our Motorbike Tours

Costa Verde

The name of the region comes from the dominant colour of the dense vegetation of the land, the green (Verde in Portuguese).

The Costa Verde is an obvious destination for outdoor activities, a lot of the coast is protected from over development and traditions live on, pretty much unchanged for decades. The dense vegetation, beautiful beaches, crisscrossed by rivers and dotted with charming villages, the pristine state of conservation of the biodiversity and natural habitats, make Costa Verde one of the richest regions in Portugal northern coast.

In this wonderful region rises Serra d’Arga, reminding us that timeless places still exist where the human hand dares not to destroy.

This quite steep granite mountain has often been the stage for many outdoor sports activities. It has been the stage for several races of the enduro world championship and it is known among Portuguese riders as the “Enduro Capital”.

The combination of all these elements makes it a fantastic destination for those who seek to combine sport and nature, but also for an escape to a Portugal of the olden days. Not to mention great local food and the home-grown Vinho Verde.



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In the Northeast of Portugal, bordering Spain, Minho is not only the cradle of Portugal, but it also represents all its variety.

Fields and vineyards painted with an intense green, lush river valleys, sparkling beaches and a heritage older than the country itself.

Here are situated two of the main historical cities in Portugal: Guimarães, aka, “The Cradle of the Nation” and Braga, one of the most ancient Christian cities in the world. Both are today young and vibrant cities with a  large number of students and a vibrant cultural life.

Further East, in Minho’s inner land you can find the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, created in 1971 it became the 1st Portuguese national park. By visiting the park you are stepping into a new dimension, you are in the presence of besotting landscapes and in perfect harmony with nature.

Vinho Verde is also from Minho, light and fresh, a wine you will only find in this part of the country, in this corner of the world.

Its green landscapes, the mountains carved by rivers, the unique and rich culture and monuments, and the delicious local cuisine make this region a special destination for travellers. Perfect to combine a relaxing yet exciting motorbike experience.



Douro is possibly one of the most vibrant and famous travel destinations in the world. The river cruises, the wine tours, the worldwide awarded gastronomy and beautiful landscapes make this region one of the top trends in the world.

Classified in 1756, by Marquês de Pombal, as a certified wine region - the first in the world ever to become one, Douro is known as the capital of wine tourism, in Portugal. When roaming the vineyards, the stepped slopes of hills and valleys that slide along the Douro River, you come across a striking backdrop, dotted with rich stately homes and wine estates which hold a unique cultural and human heritage.

Classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Douro is a hub for wine lovers and for lovers of Port; and it is the perfect retreat for those wanting to escape the hassle of city life and want to enjoy the charm and tranquillity of this region.

Comfort and adventure are always side by side, making this destination perfect for your off road experience.


Porto & Lagares

Porto is one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations. Its wealth of monumental and artistic heritage, Port Wine, open-air leisure spaces, rich gastronomy and vibrant cultural life are just some of the reasons to visit this city.

Also known as “Cidade Invicta” (Invictus City), Porto sits on the north bank of the river Douro. Voted Best European Destination in 2012, 2014 & 2017 and famous for Port Wine, the city stands out for its trendiness; it is highly popular among traveller.

Porto stands as a vibrant city in which the hospitality of the people and great food make everyone feel at home. It’s one of the main charms of this city. You always feel welcome and treated as one of the locals. Naturally finding the best places to visit, stay and eat by interacting with the Portuenses (people of Porto also known as Tripeiros).

For the motorcycling fans Porto hosts one Stage of the Hard Enduro World Championship. In September, the Historic Centre, listed as Unesco World Heritage Site since 1996, is the stage for the prologue of celebrated race Porto Extreme XL Lagares, said to be the hardest of the "Magic 7" - the most relevant international Extreme Enduro races. A unique opportunity to get up close with the best enduro riders in the world. And did you know we have a tour that replicates the event for you?



Porto International Airport was awarded as the third best medium size airport in Europe, one among many details that make Porto more appealing.

Currently 20 airlines, among them several low-cost airlines, operate from Porto Airport, flying to 78 destinations, transporting over 6.4 million passengers a year.

A short commute separates the airport from the city centre where you can find our head office and Porto Guesthouse, and just 40 minutes from our other basecamps, in Minho, north of Porto.