General FAQS

In which dates are you having tours?

Our tours are available all year long, you simply have to confirm with us if the dates you want are still available and with enough vacancies for your group.

We are a group with different levels of experience, is that ok?

No problem. All riders must fill in an information form where they give us all the necessary details to prepare the perfect tour for the group, including your skill level. 

This way the tour guide will know exactly which itineraries to take in order to have different trails that suit all tastes and levels of experience. If needed the group may be divided in two and have an extra guide to make sure everyone will enjoy the tour! 

May I bring my own bike?

No, you may not. Mainly for safety reasons, because our bikes are brand-new and are prepared by our mechanical team to take upon any challenges that may cross its way along the trails.  

May I bring my own gear?

That you may, but you don’t need to – In the information form we will also ask you for your exact sizes in order to have everything proper and ready to keep you safe. Our equipment is included in your tour and the price doesn’t change whether you use it or not, so we would advise you to travel light. 

Which languages do your tour leader and assistance team speak?

Freeride Spirit is a polyglot team. We speak English and Portuguese fluently, and also have team members who speak French, Spanish, and German.  In the pre-tour form we send you, we also ask which languages you speak to make your adventure more easy-going.

What is the best time to ride in Portugal?

Spring and Autumn are preferred by many riders because it is not too hot or too cold, however, Portugal is a sunny country, with mild pleasant weather almost all year long, so it mostly depends on the type of scenery you would like to appreciate while riding and complementary activities you are planning on doing while visiting! We can advise you on these, upon request.

We have a place to stay in Portugal, can we get the tour without accommodation?

Our tours are all inclusive and sold as a complete experience and staying in one of our basecamps/hotel partners is part of that one-of-a-kind experience! If you prefer to stay elsewhere, that is a possibility, but the price of the tour remains the same. The same happens with meals that are included in the tour program.

Would it be possible to book a motorcycle tour just for myself?

Yes, it is possible. When it comes to the Enduro tours, if you book a tour for just one rider, you will most likely join another group on the trails with approximately the same riding level. In Adventure tours, they are designed as private tours to be done on your own, so there is absolutely no problem if you come just by yourself.

Can I bring my wife and kids along?

Yes, we create conditions for families to stay together during this experience, whether they are also riders or non-riders. Children under 2 years old don’t pay, and until 12 years old they only pay half a non-rider/travel companion fee.

What happens if I book my tour and then must cancel?

If the cancellation occurs within 14 days from deposit payment, Freeride Spirit can refund you immediately. If it occurs later, things should proceed as defined in our terms and conditions. However, we are quite flexible and we have always allowed riders to reschedule their tours if they have a strong reason and they inform us in due time.

Why are your tours pricier than other similar tours in Portugal?

Our tours are “premium” Enduro tours. We choose top quality accommodation and restaurant partners and provide total support and assistance during the entire tour, since before you arrive at the airport to the moment you take off back home! They are all inclusive tours and they are meticulously planned. Even in the case of necessary medical assistance we only take our riders to top-notch medical facilities. 

A member of our group has a food allergy, could that be a problem?

No, it won’t be a problem. You will have the chance to communicate all restrictions and medical conditions, as well as tastes and preferences, in your information form. We always take into consideration what you wrote when booking with our restaurant partners. 

What should I bring along for the tour?

You should always pack your personal documents (ID, Passport, Driver’s License…) and, especially for your Enduro tour, we only advise you to bring your own jersey, socks (preferably above the knee) and jacket. If you are European, we also advise you to bring your European Health Insurance Card.

What is included in the non-rider/travel companion fee?


The non-rider/travel companion fee includes: 

  • Accommodation (double room) 
  • Meals (Breakfast/Dinner + drinks) 
  • Airport transfers 
  • Medical insurance + Travel insurance 
  • Our team's assistance and amazing tips and suggestions at any given time! 


The non-rider/travel companion fee includes: 

  • Accommodation (double room) 
  • Meals (Breakfast/Dinner + drinks) 
  • All transfers 
  • Medical insurance 
  • Headphone communicator system for dynamic group communication (Thistle)
  • Equipment:

o    Helmet (Schubert)  

o    Jacket 

o    Trousers 

o    Gloves 

o    Boots 

  • Free extra luggage storage at departure / arrival point - Porto
  • Our team's assistance and amazing tips and suggestions at any given time! 
Do you rent your motorcycles?

Yes, but only of our KTM Adventure bikes, not the Enduro bikes.


Which motorcycles do you have available?

Our motorcycles are always brand new KTM bikes, and always the most recent models. We have two and four stroke bikes (EXC and EXC-F), the engine displacement depends on availability. 

Do you have 125cc bikes?

No, we do not, our smaller bikes are 150cc.


What does “Self-guided” mean?

The fact that our Adventure Tours are self-guided means that there will be no one from our team physically present during your tour. 

  • You will take our GPS with all the trails you need to follow, the main on-road trail and alternative offroad trails as well. 
  • You will also take our guidebook with all important information about the places you’ll visit, the motorcycle, the equipment, etc. 
  • Our team is always available via phone call or WhatsApp, the motorcycles also have a tracker so we can always know where you are, in case you need assistance. 

This will allow you to have a more private tour, done at your own pace and choosing what you want to visit, where you want to stop and what alternative trails you feel like trying or not. 

Which bikes do you have available?

Our motorcycles are always brand new KTM Adventure. At the moment we have KTM 790 and KTM 1290.

Can my group request for a guide?

Yes, you can, however this will be pending on availability as we might have availability for a self-guided tour but not for a tour with a guide, it will mostly depend on the time of the year.

  • The guide is of course considered an extra service which will be charged.

In most cases, a guide will not be necessary, because the riders are always being tracked in case something comes up and assistance is needed; the tracks and itineraries on the GPS are previously designed by a professional tour guide; and the guidebook gives you all our tips and suggestions!